What about builds?


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Hello, I remember with version 5 that a big news was build numbers.
Today this service is not available (but it was): Maybe a changelog for every build is too much (but it's a standard in software today); at least I need to know if I'm aligned with the build.
I read every day about user asking "I'm already on 5.0.x", or "the problem is fixed, do an upgrade". Ok but I've no control: I can't know what is changed build by build, if there is a new problem I can't go back to other builds because I don't know the number.

Please, I'm bagging, try our side: It's really difficult to manage a server if we don't know the software running on it.


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Hello, Bettinz. understood your concern, on the other hand, more builds also means LiteSpeed can keep up the speed to fix the bug immediately, normally within a day or two, even within a couple of hours. LiteSpeed has leading industry bug fix turn around time. All the changes will be documented on next release or through edge email list. Most of time, bug may be only affected for certain users/user cases, you may not need to upgrade to that build. You may want to wait for next formal release.