What is the difference between the plans?

Discussion in 'General' started by NLCJ, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. NLCJ

    NLCJ New Member

    I am new here and I found this site linked at another site. But I can't figure out what LiteSpeed offers. I know it is something with hosting, but are those plans web hosting? Dedicated servers? VPS's? I don't know, can someone please clear this up for me. I also want to know what the difference is between all plans.

  2. ts77

    ts77 Well-Known Member

    Its a webserver software like apache or zeus.
    and a load balancer software by now.
  3. NLCJ

    NLCJ New Member

    Ok, thanks :)
  4. brrr

    brrr Well-Known Member

    Strange post.

    But this might be something the Litespeed web designers should look into. From a total newbie visitor perspective, it IS arguably unclear what Litespeed is.

    A simple one-liner at the top of the site home page that said something like 'Welcome to the Litespeed home page. Litespeed is a high-performance Apache-compatible web server. Download it today or find out more about it here.' would solve the problem nicely and also meet Mr Neilsen's Rule #5:

    'The Ten Most Violated Homepage Design Guidelines'

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