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I am using WHM/cPanel with CloudLinux (I am not using their PHP Selector) + mod_lsapi + Easy Apache 4, and I recently installed Litespeed. I am looking at the MultiPHP Manager within WHM, and I am concerned because the PHP handler still says lsapi, and there is no option in the drop down for lsphp. I want to be sure that I am using the Litespeed PHP handler, as well as the correct version of PHP for Litspeed.

When I log into the WebAdmin Console, I see under Server -> External App, that the various versions of lsphp have been registered, and the Script Handlers are registered as well.

When I click on the site health of one of the WordPress sites, the server info states:

"Web server: LiteSpeed
PHP version: 7.2.20 (Supports 64bit values)
PHP SAPI: litespeed"

Let me know if I need to do something to get lsphp to appear in the PHP Handler dropdown in WHM.

Thanks in advance!



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on WHM/cpanel, everything should have been integreated, you can just choose ea-phpxx, LiteSpeed will use lsphp for it. You won't see lsphpxx there for sure.