WordPress cache plugin


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Do you have any news about the WordPress plugin you are/were working on ?

Will it be compatible with WooCommerce (allow ESI caching for WordPress eCommerce sites) ?

Now that WooCommerce is owned by Automattic and concidering that WooCommerce is now the most used e-commerce solution worldwide it would be very nice to be able to advertise WordPress caching that's compatible with WooCommerce and doesn't just disable cache on e-commerce pages.

Thanks ! :)


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WordPress Development is in progress.

Woocommerce will have its own cache plugin and it is on our to do list as well, but it is after wordpress cache plugin project.
The ability to turn on/off the cache (modifying the .htaccess file) and fully purge it would be a big plus!

(Alternatively a cPanel plugin so end users could do this would also be great)