Wrong TTFB


I have a Prestashop with the Litespeed module installed and I see that the TTFB is high.

It seems that the litespeed cache is not well adjusted as it is made to serve a specific User Agent (vary) instead of something more generic.

When testing by sending Useragent the cache comes out as HIT (x-litespeed-cache: hit), but when changing useragent the cache appears as MISS (x-litespeed-cache: miss).

What should I configure or what is wrong?

I have the Prestashop Performance CCC parameters enabled (smart cache for css / js, and apache optimization). Apparently the combination of these settings with the Litespeed cache works fine. The installed theme is Warehouse.

I appreciate any feedback.

Thank you very much!


Staff member
Not quit understand user agent part. May I ask the method/command that you check for the cache hit/miss? Did you see any cache hit by browser?