Products - Web Infrastructure Software 2018-03-09 22:31:20 LiteSpeed's web infrastructure software combines unbeatable performance, and drop-in Apache compatibility, with cutting-edge features. Learn more!

Reasons to Choose LiteSpeed

  • Event Driven Architecture

  • Intelligent Cache Acceleration

  • WebAdmin Console

  • QUIC + HTTP/2

  • Web Application Firewall

  • mod_rewrite Compatible

  • WordPress Acceleration

  • PageSpeed Optimization

LiteSpeed Web Server

LiteSpeed Web Server conserves resources without sacrificing performance, security, compatibility, or convenience. When you replace Apache with LiteSpeed, you double your maximum capacity, and eliminate the need for a 3rd party caching layer - all in 15 minutes with zero downtime!

Details »
  • Apache Drop-in Replacement
    There's no configuration necessary when you switch to LiteSpeed. LSWS uses the Apache settings you already have and works with your applications out of the box.
  • Control Panel Integration
    Control panel plugins for WHM, Plesk, and DirectAdmin make installation and management a breeze, allowing you to use the interface you're used to.
  • CloudLinux Integration
    LiteSpeed enjoys a close partnership with CloudLinux, allowing for complete compatibility with this industry-leading shared hosting operating system.
  • LSCache Engine with ESI
    LSCache is built into the server and may be easily customized. ESI combines private and public cache on a single page, allowing caching for more web apps.
  • Zero-Downtime Maintenance
    Only LiteSpeed Web Server allows you to update your web server software with no downtime. Restart and apply configuration changes gracefully.
  • One-Click Cache Acceleration
    cPanel users can manage LiteSpeed Web Server installations and scan/enable LSCache for supported web apps easily across shared servers, through our WHM plugin.
  • Fastest PHP Available
    LiteSpeed's exclusive server API handles PHP web applications much more efficiently than other APIs, resulting in apps that run up to 50% faster than with Apache.
  • Ruby + Python App Server
    LSAPI's optimized coding, extra features, and native use of LiteSpeed settings give RubyOnRails and Python apps a significant performance boost.


Our Open Source web server is held to the same high standard as our Enterprise solution: OpenLiteSpeed is a high-performance, lightweight, open source HTTP server. Users are free to download, use, distribute, and modify OpenLiteSpeed and its source code in accordance with the precepts of the GPLv3 license.

Details »
  • mod_rewrite Compatible
    OpenLiteSpeed's rewrite engine uses Apache mod_rewrite syntax, which means you can continue using your existing rewrite rules after you upgrade to OLS.
  • WebAdmin Console
    LiteSpeed's optional WebAdmin GUI provides real-time statistics and useful management tools, greatly lowering the barrier to web server administration.
  • PHP LiteSpeed SAPI
    OpenLiteSpeed supports embedded PHP. Additionally, LiteSpeed's native SAPI for PHP allows external applications written in PHP to run up to 50% faster.
  • WordPress Acceleration
    Host your own WordPress site with OpenLiteSpeed and experience a measurable performance boost with LSCache: the all-in-one WordPress optimization plugin.
  • ModSecurity v3 Integration
    OpenLiteSpeed's add-on ModSecurity module allows OLS to use common mod_security rules to improve server security and help protect your sites from attack.
  • One-Click Installation
    Take advantage of 1-Click Install: the easy and fast way to install OpenLiteSpeed, MariaDB, and WordPress on various operating systems with just one click.
  • Multi-Thread Add-on Module
    OpenLiteSpeed's Multi-Thread add-on module takes advantage of PHP's threading capability to make PHP run faster, and your apps run faster as a result.
  • Enormous Scalability
    OLS's event-driven architecture means fewer processes, less overhead, more connections, and enormous scalability. And no hardware upgrade required.


LiteSpeed Web ADC is an affordable, high-performance HTTP load balancer application. Feature-rich, secure, and efficient, it offers more flexibility than similarly-priced load balancing software. Web ADC is an excellent choice for small enterprises looking to scale their applications beyond one server.

Details »
  • LSCache with ESI
    Leverage private cache, public cache, and ESI to assemble and quickly serve dynamic pages entirely from cache without backend server interaction.
  • High Availability IP Failover
    With LiteSpeed Web ADC's High Availability, if one or more of your servers goes down, your data can still be accessed and updated as though it was still up.
  • Cross Data Center Replication
    LiteSpeed Web ADC provides out-of-the box, real-time, asynchronous replication capability supporting deployment of HA servers even across data centers.
  • Cutting Edge Features
    LiteSpeed’s constant innovation brings cutting edge features to Web ADC, including QUIC, HTTP/2, TLSv1.3, and TCP_FASTOPEN, with more to come.
  • Web App Acceleration
    LiteSpeed Web ADC provides best-in-class, customizable acceleration for your vital web apps, including WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, and PrestaShop.
  • Layer 7 Anti-DDoS Filtering
    LiteSpeed Web ADC is vigilant so you don’t have to be. Using advanced human/browser methods, attacks in progress are detected and thwarted.
  • Flexible Load Distribution
    LiteSpeed Web ADC's flexible load balancing algorithm provides optimal performance and is highly configurable, to match virtually every deployment.
  • Simplified Deployment
    Our best-of-breed solution puts cutting-edge technologies (Anti-DDoS, SSL offload, WAF, Cache, PageSpeed) to work within your existing infrastructure.

Cache Plugins

Highly-customizable server-level caching solutions, LSCache plugins are designed to hyper-charge popular web apps with little to no configuration required. Turbo-charge popular web apps with minimal fuss, handle traffic spikes with ease, and precisely manage cache with powerful Smart Purge technology.

LiteSpeed Cache Plugins for:

  • Easy Setup
    Litepeed's cache plugins are designed to work out of the box with your favorite web apps and are easily configured through the apps' familiar interfaces.
  • Maximum Performance
    With LiteSpeed, your site can employ the best practices that make for a high PageSpeed score, and - more importantly - an exceptional user experience.
  • Accurate Cache Update
    LSCache's tag-based Smart Purge technology ensures that when the site's content changes, so does the cache. Never again serve stale content to your users.
  • Wide Application Coverage
    LSCache plugins are currently available for Magento, WordPress, XenForo, PrestaShop, WikiMedia, and Drupal, and more popular web apps are under development.
  • Dynamic Content Cache
    ESI lets you "punch holes" in a cached page, and fill those holes with differently-cached content. Handle personalized content on public pages with ease.
  • Desktop/Mobile View
    With LSCache, it's easy to cache multiple views of the same page based on user agent. Accommodate the needs of desktop and mobile visitors alike.
  • Geographic View
    LSCache can store multiple versions of your site for a global audience. Cache variations in currency, language, and more based on a visitor's location.
  • Open Source
    Our cache plugins are open source. Users are free to download, use, distribute, and modify all LSCache extensions and source code in accordance with GPLv3.