Products - Web Infrastructure Software 2018-01-09 16:35:49 LiteSpeed's web infrastructure software combines unbeatable performance, and drop-in Apache compatibility, with cutting-edge features. Learn more!
LiteSpeed Web Server

LiteSpeed Web Server  More

LiteSpeed Web Server delivers more performance from your existing infrastructure.

LiteSpeed’s ROI is immediate and the highest in the industry, allowing users to avoid capital investments in new servers.

LiteSpeed Web Server maintains Apache compatibility and integrates with control panels, minimizing the need for retooling and retraining.

LiteSpeed is also secure and well supported, allowing your team to move with confidence.

OpenLiteSpeed  More

OpenLiteSpeed is our high-performance, lightweight, open source HTTP server. Why use OpenLiteSpeed?

  • High performance, event-driven architecture
  • Super light-weight, minimal CPU and memory footprint
  • Apache-compatible rewrite rules
  • User friendly WebAdmin GUI
  • Licensed under GPLv3
LiteSpeed Web ADC

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LiteSpeed Web ADC (LSLB) is an affordable, high-performance HTTP load balancer application. LSLB is feature-rich, secure, and efficient, offering more flexibility than similarly-priced load balancing software. This makes it an excellent choice for small enterprises looking to scale their applications beyond one server — to improve both service speed and reliability in case of hardware failure.

Cache Plugins  More

LiteSpeed's Cache Plugins are highly-customizable web-server-level caching solutions designed to hyper-charge popular web apps with little to no configuration necessary. By caching at the web server layer, overhead is cut drastically, allowing caching to be done more quickly and efficiently than in any other caching solution.

Cache Plugins