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    404 when LSWS is used as reverse proxy

    When I tried to load I get a 404 error. I've added vhost, listener of the 80 port, and added the vhost to the listener. I also added context and Web server in the `external app` field. Also, I added a rewrite rule. What I did wrong? Configuration of vhost: extprocessor backend...
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    Litespeed Caching Magento 404s?

    Good afternoon, I'm the owner of www.redcandy.co.uk, and our server company (United Hosting) installed Litespeed on our server maybe a year or so ago. I'm extremely happy with the results, other than a strange quirk where Litespeed is sometimes caching 404 pages generated in Magento. On...
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    Where are litespeed's default error page templates?

    Hey, I would like to know where are the default error pages (404, 403, 503…). I want to change it because it's not possible using htaccess file. Thanks!
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    [solved] Error 404 - Page not found

    Sorry for my english. I'm a newbie to LitespeedWebserver. I have just installed my fresh wordpress webiste on LSWS. Homepage display very well. But when I navigate to another links in this my webiste, LSWS display error: "404 page not found". I realize that in Wordpress Dashboard 'Permalink'...