Hostinger Support advised contacting LiteSpeed

Good Morning/Evening,

I've contacted our web host, who advised they had seen the issue with static pages ( reporting as missing with a 404 error.
The referenced page was:

I'm not sure when this happens; maybe once every 24-hours.
I'm normally able to temporarily resolve this issue by:
1. Re-saving (no changes, just click save) the Permalinks
2. Clearing the Cache
However, after doing this daily for several weeks... it's getting old and the search engines are starting to pick-it up as a 404 page.

I've tried a couple of the suggested fixes that I've found within the forums; however, those attempts took the whole site offline. Therefore, I was advised by Hostinger to simply submit a troubleshooting report via the LiteSpeed report (tab), which I've done.
NOTE: I had to do this twice, as the report timed out the first time. If the notes didn't post, please advise and I'll resubmit.

As this is my first ticket/report... I'm not sure how a follow-up response is to be received. Therefore, I've created this post and attached the report number.
Report number: LIRZNDVB
Report date: 06/20/2023 01:58:22

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.
R/, Chad