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    Litespeed Context URI="/" but allows for URI "/static/" to be served by Static instead

    I want my Proxy to not serve Static, but still serve "/" ... how do I do that? I tried setting Proxy to: /^(?!\/static\/).*?$ This does a negative look-ahead to ignore any /static/ urls but I think it's crashing my test server -- lots of lag when I use this setting
  2. C

    Images woocommerce product page not loading

    I have a weird issue with lightspeed. It loads the images on my product page but then they disappear. I have been looking into this and noticed that the lightspeed plugin caused this issue. By not caching that page the problem is solved. But it is not a real solution as the product page loads...
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    Plugin affecting Rank Math plugin

    Hi, I am using rank math pro plugin but the keyword tracking feature never worked. Further investigation showed that litespeed caching plugin is stopping it from working. According to rank math developers, they said litespeed appears to be caching backend hence reason for the issue I am facing...
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    Advantages of LiteSpeed for custom php

    I purchased a LiteSpeed license for a purely php application, without frameworks and session-based. From what I read in the documentation I will not be able to use cache resources because it is session based and also using pageSpeed seems to consume a lot of resources. So my question is quite...
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    Rehub Theme WOFF2 Font Files are not Caching

    Hi there, at first i want to thank you for this premium class und perfect designed plugin! Second thing is an error while installing and configuring the plugin with my ReHub Theme. PageSpeed shows Error for Caching Files WOFF2 and SVG Images. So here is my URL: So the...
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    Magento2 Litemage No Cache Block

    I've just recently installed Litemage in my magento demo store (, yet I currently running an issue with ESI - hole punching. When it was implemented with varnish, setting up a ttl=10 within a block solve the issue, however this is not applicable within Litemage. <block...
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    Docker, LiteSpeed, and Lucee/Tomcat (ColdFusion) - Creating an image to share with all

    THE GOAL I am in the process of creating a Docker image with a very specific configuration: Debian 9.3 Latest version of LiteSpeed Lucee Upon which I may base additional ColdFusion apps (CFWheels, Mura). I am working to make it as "generic" as possible, so that others may pull the...
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    I'm not sure caching logged in users is working

    Hello. I'm a complete Litespeed novice, but have had some assistance from my server team setting it all up and I have to say, my rather bulky Wordpress website is running like lightning (using litespeed cache v2.0 on Wordpress 4.8.5 The problems however start when users login to the site. We...