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    WooCommerce, LiteSpeed cache and Mini Cart

    Hi, I'm having some trouble with the mini cart that stay cached with Ls Cache. I'm using WooCommerce and the MiniCart widget on my left menu (so always displayed). The MiniCart remains cached empty at 0 when I'm adding a product. I have the sliding drawer opening from the right when I'm adding...
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    Mini cart as ESI module is not rendered

    Hello, I have problems with a mini cart module. It shows content of cart for each user separately, so i think it should be rendered as ESI module. But problem is that I dont see this module anymore (sometimes yes, but mostly not) when i set render as ESI. This happens to me when i switch to SK...
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    [Solved] CSS combine breaking cart page even after excluding all CSS files

    Hello, My website has a funny behaviour, If I set CSS combine ON, the woocommerce cart page breaks, trying to follow the instructions on how to fix problem caused by the optimization, I made a list of CSS files and I added them all to the CSS excludes field and I still get the problem. So...