Mini cart as ESI module is not rendered

I have problems with a mini cart module. It shows content of cart for each user separately, so i think it should be rendered as ESI module.
But problem is that I dont see this module anymore (sometimes yes, but mostly not) when i set render as ESI. This happens to me when i switch to SK language. In main language CZ mini cart icon is vissible, but in SK not. The whole module is missing when i check the source code. What am i doing wrong?
website for tests:

I tested all settings available in ESI module, but nothig helps.

If you need a administrator access, just let me know, no problem. Thank you very much for your help.
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Any idea where could be a problem?
Yes, at least I am very sure, but to understand that you would need to know and understand the basics of ESI, LScache and Cache Varies. But that would take several pages to make you understand. That's why I'll make it short. The problem can be solved. LScache, but not the Cache Plugin, has everything ready for your request, but the Cache Plugin does not have the functionality to solve the problem. Therefore, you can only hope that LiteSpeed will code the long-announced new plugin for Joomla.
Ok, so in current situation we can say, that LiteSpeed for all Joomla e-shops is unusable? (i suppose all e-shops have mini-cart).
It sounds like big problem :(
Anyway, thank you for you help.


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You can be sure that there will be a new release. According to the management team, this should take place this month. However, I cannot guarantee that this schedule will be adhered to. Just be patient and sign up for LiteSpeed Slack There you have the possibility to inform the person responsible directly that you are urgently waiting for an update.