1. M

    Installing cPanel on LiteSpeed WordPress (GCP)

    I am trying to set up a WordPress installation using a cPanel backup provided by a third party who can offer zero support. I have tried a few installations of various sorts, but there has always been one problem or another. So I decided to create a LiteSpeed WordPress installation from Google...
  2. Image.in.a.Box

    Multiple VMs with a Load Balancer in front (either GCP or AWS)

    Hey All, I'm new to the form so I'm not sure if this goes into the Installation/Configuration forum or this one. But none the less here's my question. I'm also a noob to advanced lsws configuration as we have used the WHM plugin since 2012. We currently have cPanel and LSWS (4-CPU license)...
  3. H

    LSWS + LS Web ADC + Google Cloud - How to do it?

    Hi guys, I need to setup a scalable cluster with VM instances in GCP and LS Web ADC for load balancer. So far everything g is perfect, but I need all this to use Google Cloud CDN which works only with their own Load balancer. Is there someone that can help me with ideas how can this happen and...