Multiple VMs with a Load Balancer in front (either GCP or AWS)

Hey All,

I'm new to the form so I'm not sure if this goes into the Installation/Configuration forum or this one. But none the less here's my question. I'm also a noob to advanced lsws configuration as we have used the WHM plugin since 2012. We currently have cPanel and LSWS (4-CPU license).

I'm looking into moving from my physical hardware (single point of failure).

My goal would to be to have multiple VMs with a load balancer to spread the load. So my questions.
  1. Is there a way to mirror LSWS configurations between multiple servers? Ex: If I add a host to one configuration it is then sync'ed over.
  2. Is it better to use the provider (GCP/AWS) load balancer to use another VM with LS Web ADC?
Thanks for any help and guidance.