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    litespeed cache causing search engines to display older content in results

    hello,i am using litepeed for my woocommerce website.when i search my website in google it shows just another wordpress site and some old content in search result,i have indexed my website with google search console still shows the same result.Then i tried clearing the cache and purged all the...
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    Google Analytics Channel Attribution Issues After Implementing Litemage Caching

    Hi there, Our developers recently implemented Litemage on our client's Magento 2.3.2 site and since then traffic via the Organic channel has dropped - as well as organic e-commerce KPIs. Since then we've investigated many other possibilities, such as a decrease in click-through-rate and...
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    Do Not Cache User Agents - for Googleboot

    my sites pages are not being indexed by google, after waiting a while compared to other sites there is something not quite right & after going through a process of elimination i think it might be googlebot being served up the cached pages so under "Do Not Cache User Agents" under "excludes"...
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    Google bot read no cached pages

    Hello, Recently add the Litespeed plugin for wordpress and I have a question about google bot crawler. When I access a cached page I can see the “X-LiteSpeed-Cache-Control:hit” but when I use the “Fetch as google” tool from webmaster I see “X-LiteSpeed-Cache-Control:miss”. Shouldn’t google bot...