Google Analytics Channel Attribution Issues After Implementing Litemage Caching

Hi there,

Our developers recently implemented Litemage on our client's Magento 2.3.2 site and since then traffic via the Organic channel has dropped - as well as organic e-commerce KPIs.

Litemage Caching - GA.jpg

Since then we've investigated many other possibilities, such as a decrease in click-through-rate and impressions, but these metrics have either stayed stable or have actually shown improvement over this time. We've also looked into if the site has been affected by any Google updates but everything seems to point to the day this caching was enabled.

We also tried disabling Litemage caching for a day to see how KPIs look - e-commerce stats increased but traffic remained down so we considered this inconclusive overall. Our client isn't keen on disabling Litemage for a longer period of time for further investigation as its speed benefits to the site are significant.

Has anyone had any issues with Google Analytics tracking or session attribution since implementing Litemage caching? And if so, have you found any solutions for this?

Thanks in advance.