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    Improve TTFB?

    I switched a site from Hummingbird to LSCache using the Quic.Cloud CDN. It looks like LSCache resolves a lot of the issues Hummingbird couldn't (Structure, Total blocking time and Cumulative shift) but my LCP/TTFP is way worse. With Hummingbird I had that time down to under a second, but with...
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    [ Solved ] GPSI Score get down after migrated to VPS

    Hi, I'm very new to Litespeed and this is my very first thread at Litespeedtech. I'm trying to improve my website's overall performance. I just migrated my server from Fastcomet to Vultr with Cyberpanel. But after migrating it to Vultr, the GPSI score gets down. I have improved my website score...
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    What Config Tweaks do you recommend for this usecase?

    Hey Folks, I am new to Litespeed. We are hosting mostly wordpress sites on the server. What litespeed config would you recommend to reduce TTFB and increase overall speed of the sites without using cache? We are using Plesk with the litespeed extension installed. The server itself is quite...