4.0b3 release

Discussion in 'LSWS 5.0 Release' started by mistwang, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. Tony

    Tony Member

    virtual doesn't work either. I confirmed I can view the page if I go to the cgi folder. There is nothing displayed on the screen and nothing in terms of errors in the logs to give any clue as to why it's not showing up.
  2. gdtechindia

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    i have also reported an error in a thread. We are getting

    Running short of concurrent connections.
  3. TomBG

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    RE: FreeBSD 6/7

    Where is it available now? The only links are for Linux and I don't want to run in compatibility mode. I need a FreeBSD 7 binary.
  4. colorprint

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  5. Invictus

    Invictus New Member

    Found these folders on my cache folder:

    ./  ../  0/  1/  2/  3/  4/  5/  6/  7/  8/  9/  a/  b/  c/  d/  e/  f/  s2/
    Is the cache function running well?

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