LiteSpeed Web Server v5.3.6 Now Available

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LiteSpeed Web Server v5.3.6

In this release: improvements to the lscmctl script, bug fixes, and more!

[New Feature] lscmctl script can now be used to set custom server and virtual host cache roots with the 'setcacheroot' command.
[Improvement] Added "ProxyPass"/"ProxyPassMatch" support for AJP backend.
[Improvement] Added support for "IP:port" in "X-Forwarded-For" header.
[Improvement] Reliably switch back to Apache in the case of a LiteSpeed licensing problem.
[Improvement] Added back support for SecFilterEngine and SecFilterScanPOST directives for backward compatibility.
[Update] Updated bundled WHM plugin to v3.2.0.1 and user-end cPanel plugin to v1.1.1.
[Bug Fix] Fixed AddHandler directive behavior to be the same as AddType.
[Bug Fix] Fixed an OCSP stapling bug that caused Mozilla connection issues.
[Bug Fix] Stopped PHP from logging errors into the error log when stderr.log was disabled.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a SecRemoteRule handling bug.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a bug causing detached PHP processes to be stopped during graceful restarts, which may cause random 503 errors.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a bug in processing GeoIP2 mmdb database.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a bug introduced in v5.3.5 build 5 that broke cPanel/WHM's "redirect to closest matched domain" feature.
[Bug Fix] Fixed cPanel two factor authentication.
[Bug Fixes] Minor bug fixes involving Apache compatibility issues.

Please remember, there may be some delay between this announcement and the ability to auto-update. If you don't want to wait, you can update manually via the following command:

/usr/local/lsws/admin/misc/ -f -v 5.3.6

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