LiteSpeed Web Server v5.4.8 Now Available

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LiteSpeed Web Server v5.4.8

In this release: new features, bug fixes, and more!

[New Feature] Add the ability to load an extra ECC certificate for an Apache virtual host when multi-cert support is enabled.
[New Feature] Apply header modification configurations in .htaccess to dynamic responses for CloudLinux Python/Ruby/NodeJS selector application.
[New Feature] Update client IP using request header "X-Real-IP".
[New Feature] Use Client IP in Header can now be set to use the last IP listed in the X-Forwarded-For header for servers behind AWS ELB.
[Security] Block 'LD_*' environment variable overriding from .htaccess.
[Improvement] New Ruby 2.0+ compatible RackRunner script for ruby-lsapi 5.0.
[Improvement] Separate IPv4 and IPv6 virtual hosts now share cached pages for the same domain.
[Improvement] Update WHM plugin to v4.0 (drops support for EasyApache 3).
[Improvement] Make reCAPATCHA compatible with WordPress password protected pages.
[Bug Fix] Invisible reCAPTCHA now works properly with IE 11 browser.
[Bug Fix] Correct Magento LiteMage2 cache object statistics.
[Bug Fix] Address an AJPv13 hanging bug.
[Bug Fix] Enabling bandwidth throttling no longer causes rare HTTP/2 response hangs.
[Bug Fix] Properly apply UMASK configuration for external applications.
[Bug Fix] Fix a problem with Plesk log rotation when LSWS overrode Apache's rc script with a symbolic link.
[Bug Fix] NodeJS default being not properly set in httpd_config.xml no longer causes crashing.
[Bug Fix] Address issues when switching back to Apache.

Please remember, there may be some delay between this announcement and the ability to auto-update. If you don't want to wait, you can update manually via the following command: `/usr/local/lsws/admin/misc/ -f -v 5.4.8`

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