LS Cache for WP - Purge Revisions - Create Postmeta Orphans

I've posted this issue on the WP LSCache plugin support forum, but the LSCache support person does not seem to understand the WP revision db table structure.

Revisions are maintained in 2 tables:
- posts, which contains the "header" info for a revision

- postmeta, which contains various detail records (different detail records based on the pagebuilder that is used - I use Elementor Pro).

LSCache purge revisions:
- correctly deletes posts table records.

- does not delete postmeta records that point to the posts table revision headers.

The result is that I keep accumulating orphan records in postmeta whenever I run the purge revisions function. These orphan records have a valid posts table posts_id, but since LSCache has deleted the posts table records, these postmeta records become orphaned.

Can someone pls confirm that this is a known issue? And can someone pls confirm whether there is a plan to fix this, or do I need to install yet another performance plugin to clean up my DB?