1. lclarke

    LSCache for WordPress v2.9.8.7 Now Available

    Announcing: LSCache for WordPress v2.9.8.7 In this release: 3rd party compatibility changes. RELEASE LOG: 3rd: Enhanced WP stateless compatibility. (#PR143) 3rd: Fixed a PHP warning caused by previous PR for AMP. (#PR176) https://wordpress.org/plugins/litespeed-cache/ Cheers!
  2. R

    How can I install OpenLiteSpeed on centOS 8 ?

    I am using Linode. I found a OpenLiteSpeed-WordPress Stackscripts which is compatible with CentOS 7. I want to use it CentOS 8. Can I use on CentOS 8 without any issue? #!/bin/bash ### linode ### Install OpenLiteSpeed and WordPress bash <( curl -sk...
  3. lclarke

    LSCache for WordPress v2.9.8.6 Now Available

    Announcing: LSCache for WordPress v2.9.8.6 In this release: minor changes. RELEASE LOG: 3rd: Bypassed page optimizations for AMP. (#359748 PR#169) GUI: Firefox compatibility with radio button state when reloading pages. (#288940 PR#162) GUI: Updated Slack invitation link. (PR#173)...
  4. sibipaul

    How to Optimize Litespeed Tuning and PHP Tuning for WordPress in Cyber Panel?

    Sir, Recently I Have Installed Cyber Panel to One of My Clients Website, as Per his Request. His Server is Cent OS 7 + AWS + Cyber Panel Litespeed + WordPress. I would like to Deliver him the best Optimized website. I can see a setting inside the Cyber Panel - Tuning There, Two Options...
  5. lclarke

    LSCache for WordPress v2.9.8.5 Now Available

    Announcing: LSCache for WordPress v2.9.8.5 In this release: minor changes, bug fixes. RELEASE LOG: CCSS: Removed potential PHP notice when getting post_type. (@amcgiffert) CDN: Bypassed CDN replacement on admin page when adding media to page/post. (@martin_bailey) [BUGFIX] Media: Fixed...
  6. T

    Best Cache Configuration for WordPress Membership Site with Dynamic Nav Menu

    Hello, I'm running a WordPress membership site with a dynamic navigation menu (By role). I understand that the [Cache Logged-in Users] option exists, but it seems really inefficient to cache multiple posts and pages for 150+ users (Caching by role would be much better). Is there any way to...
  7. sibipaul

    How to Force http to https in AWS WordPress Package by Litespeed?

    Hello, I am New Here... So, Kindly Read this Post and Try to Answer me... I'm New to Litespeed & Openlitespeed ( not even know the difference between ) :) Installed WordPress Package through Amazon AWS EC2 - https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B07KSC2QQN After Configured EC2 Instance...
  8. lclarke

    LSCache for WordPress v2.9.8.4 Now Available

    Announcing: LSCache for WordPress v2.9.8.4 In this release: miscellaneous improvements. RELEASE LOG: Object Cache: Increased compatibility with phpredis 5.0. Object Cache: Appended wc_session_id to default Do Not Cache Groups setting to avoid issue where WooCommerce cart items were missing...
  9. S

    Frontend Upload Image And Slow Website Problem In Wordpress While using Bimber Theme and Litespeed Plugin.

    Hello Dear Friends, I'm using Bimber Wordpress Theme. It is a front upload editor base website. All users can submit their post, list, quiz and etc. Im using also Snax plugin for fornt end upload system. I have a problem since I have been using this theme. My serves is in Turhost. My Server...
  10. lclarke

    LSCache for WordPress v2.9.8.3 Now Available

    Announcing: LSCache for WordPress v2.9.8.3 In this release: Improvements to critical CSS, bug fixes, and more! RELEASE LOG: CSS: Enhanced the CSS Minify compatibility for CSS with missing closing bracket syntax errors. (@fa508210020) Crawler: Now supports both cookie and no-cookie cases...
  11. lclarke

    LSCache for WordPress v2.9.8.2 Now Available

    Announcing: LSCache for WordPress v2.9.8.2 In this release: miscellaneous improvements to third party compatibility, bug fixes, and more! RELEASE LOG: 3rd: Set ESI template hook priority to highest number to prevent ESI conflict with Enfold theme. (#289354) 3rd: Improved Facetwp reset...
  12. lclarke

    LSCache for WordPress v2.9.8 Now Available

    Announcing: LSCache for WordPress v2.9.8 In this release: a work-around for the WP 5.2.1 JQuery issue, bug fixes, and more! RELEASE LOG: Core: Refactored loading priority so user related functions & optimization features are set after user initialization. (#717223 #114165 #413338) Media...
  13. lclarke

    LSCache for WordPress v2.9.7.2 Now Available

    Announcing: LSCache for WordPress v2.9.7.2 In this release: improvements to compatibiliy, bug fixes, and more! RELEASE LOG: Conf: Enhanced compatibility when an option is not properly initialized. Conf: Prevent non-array instance in widget from causing 500 error. (#210407) CCSS: Increase CCSS...
  14. lclarke

    LSCache for WordPress v2.9.7.1 Now Available

    Announcing: LSCache for WordPress v2.9.7.1 In this release: better CCSS purging, and more! RELEASE LOG: Purge: Purge All no longer includes Purge CCSS/Placeholder. 3rd: Divi Theme Builder no longer experiences nonce expiration issues in the contact form widget. (#475461)...
  15. lclarke

    LSCache for WordPress v2.9.7 Now Available

    Announcing: LSCache for WordPress v2.9.7 In this release: QUIC.cloud CDN support (join the beta, and use LSCache even with #apache or #nginx web servers!). RELEASE LOG: QUIC.cloud CDN feature. Now Apache/Nginx can use LiteSpeed cache freely. https://wordpress.org/plugins/litespeed-cache/ Cheers!
  16. lclarke

    LSCache for WordPress v2.9.6 Now Available

    Announcing: LSCache for WordPress v2.9.6 In this release: new format for import/export, and more! RELEASE LOG: NEW IAPI: Appended XMP to Preserve EXIF data setting. WebP will now honor this setting. (#902219) Object Fixed SASL connection with LSMCD. ESI: Converted ESI URI parameters to JSON...
  17. B

    another 404 Wordpress error thread

    hey i'm new and quote lost domain geekincmiami.com wordpress is installed in main directory .htaaccess looks like this # BEGIN WordPres <IfModule mod_rewrite.c RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L] RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}...
  18. lclarke

    LSCache for WordPress v2.9.5 Now Available

    Announcing: LSCache for WordPress v2.9.5 In this release: better handling of nonce expiration, bug fixes, and more! RELEASE LOG: NEW: Auto convert default WordPress nonce to ESI to avoid expiration. NEW [API]: Ability to easily convert custom nonce to ESI by registering...
  19. lclarke

    LSCache for WordPress v2.9.4 Now Available

    Announcing: LSCache for WordPress v2.9.4 In this release: ESI improvements, bug fixes, and more! RELEASE LOG: REST: New REST class with better WP5 Gutenberg and internal REST call support when ESI is embedded. ESI: ESI block ID is now in plain text in ESI URL parameters. ESI: Fixed a redundant...
  20. lclarke

    LSCache for WordPress v2.9.3 Now Available

    Announcing: LSCache for WordPress v2.9.3 In this release: improvements to ESI, and more! RELEASE LOG: ESI: ESI shortcodes can now be saved in Gutenberg editor. ESI: ESI now honors the parent page JSON data type to avoid breaking REST calls (LSWS 5.3.6+). ESI: Added is_json parameter support...