LSCache v6.1 for WordPress Now Available

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LSCache v6.1 for WordPress

In this release: new optimizer function, bug fixes, and more!

- [NEW] Database: New Clear Orphaned Post Meta optimizer function.
- Image Optimize: Fixed possible PHP warning for WP requests library response.
- Image Optimize: Unlocked `noabort` to all async tasks to avoid image optimization timeout. (Peter Wells)
- Image Optimize: Fixed an issue where images weren't being pulled with older versions of WordPress. (PR#608)
- Image Optimize: Improved exception handling when node server cert expire.
- [BUGFIX] Image Optimize: The failed to pull images due to 404 expiry will now be able to send the request again.
- Crawler: CLI will now be able to force crawling even if a crawl was recently initiated within the plugin GUI.
- Page Optimize: Fixed a dynamic property creation warning in PHP8. (PR#606)
- Page Optimize: Fixed an issue where getimagesize could cause page optimization to fail. (PR#607)
- Tag: Fixed an array to string conversion warning. (PR#604)
- Object Cache: Return false to prevent PHP warning when Redis fails to set a value. (PR#612)
- Cache Tag: Fixed an issue where $wp_query is null when getting cache tags. (PR#589)

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