LSCache v6.2 for WordPress Now Available

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LSCache for WordPress v6.2

In this release: Crawler and VPI improvements, bug fixes, and more!

- [NEW] Crawler: Added Crawler hit/miss filter. (#328853)
- [NEW] CLI: Image optimization now supports `wp litespeed-image batch_switch orig/optm`. (A2Hosting)
- [NEW] VPI: Auto preload VPI images. (Ankit)
- Object: Added support for username/password authentication for Redis (PR#616 Donatas Abraitis/hostinger)
- Page Optimize: Now supporting Elementors data-settings WebP replacement. (Thanks to Ryan D)
- Cache: Send `Cache-Control: no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate, max-age=0` when page is not cacheable. (asafm7/Ruikai)
- Cache: Cache control will respect `X-Http-Method-Override` now. (George)
- Cache: No cache for `X-Http-Method-Override: HEAD`. (George)
- Cache: Specified LSCWP in adv-cache compatible file.
- Cache: Fixed redirection loop if query string has tailing ampersand (#389629)
- Cache: Dropped "Cache Favicon.ico" option as it is redundant with 404 cache. (Lauren)
- Cache: Fixed deprecated PHP v8 warning in page redirection. (Issue#617 dcx15)
- Cloud: REST callback used ACL for QC ips validation.
- Cloud: Fixed a typo in parsing cloud msg which prevented error messages to show.
- Cloud: Carried on PHP ver for better version detection purpose.
- Cloud: Escaped token to show correctly in report.
- Cloud: Fixed a QC cloud ip verification setup failure in PHP 5.3.
- [BUGFIX] Cloud: Fixed a continual new version detection.
- [BUGFIX] Image Optimize: Fixed a summary counter mismatch for finished images. (A2Hosting)
- CDN: Auto CDN setup compatibility with WP versions less than 5.3.
- [BUGFIX] CDN: Fixed wrong replacement of non image files in image replacement. (Lucas)
- GUI: Further filtered admin banner messages to prevent from existing danger code in database.
- REST: Fixed a potential PHP warning in REST check when param is empty. (metikar)

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