LSCache v5.7 for WordPress Now Available

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LSCache for WordPress v5.7

In this release: New DNS Preconnect option, bug fixes, and more!

* **Page Optimize** New option available: Preconnect. (xguiboy/Mukesh Patel)
* **3rd** New Vary for Mini Cart option for Woocommerce. (Ruikai)
* **Cloud** Force syncing the configuration to if CDN is reenabled.
* **Cloud** Force syncing the configuration to if domain key is readded.
* **Cloud** Limit multi-line fields when posting to QC.
* **Cache** Treat HEAD requests as cacheable as GET. (George Wang)
* **ESI** Patched a possible vulnerability issue. (István Márton@Wordfence #841011)
* **ESI** Overwrite SCRIPT_URI to prevent ESI sub request resulting in redirections. (Tobolo)
* **Image Optimize** Bypass unnecessary image processing when images were only partially optimized. (Ruikai)
* **Guest** Guest mode will not enable WebP directly anymore. (Michael Heymann)
* **CDN** Auto disable CDN if CDN URL is invalid. (Ruikai)
* **CDN** Fixed a null parameter warning for PHP v8.1 (#584)
* **API** Added `litespeed_media_add_missing_sizes` filter to allow bypassing Media's "add missing sizes" option (for Guest Optimization and otherwise). (PR #564)
* **Guest** Fixed soft 404 and robots.txt report for guest.vary.php.
* **Vary** Enabled `litespeed_vary_cookies` for LSWS Enterprise.
* **GUI** Stopped WebP tip from wrongly displaying when Guest Mode is off.
* **GUI** Added promotion postbox on dashboard page.
* **3rd** Added `pagespeed ninja` to blocklist due to its bad bahavior.

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