LSCache v6.0 for WordPress Now Available

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LSCache for WordPress v6.0

In this release: two new settings, CLI crawler control, bug fixes, and more!

• [NEW] Image Optimize: Parallel pull. (⭐ Contributed by Peter Wells #581)
• [NEW] Cache: CLI Crawler.
• [NEW] Cache: New Vary Cookies option.
• [NEW] Media: New Preload Featured Image option. (Ankit)
• Core: Codebase safety review. (Special thanks to Rafie Muhammad @ Patchstack)
• Purge: Purge will not show QC message if no queue is cleared.
• Purge: Fixed a potential warning when post type is not as expected. (victorzink)
• Conf: Server IP field may now be emptied. (#111647)
• Conf: CloudFlare CDN setting vulnerability patch. (Gulshan Kumar #541805)
• Crawler: Suppressed sitemap generation msg when running by cron.
• Crawler: PHP v8.2 Dynamic property creation warning fix. (oldrup #586)
• VPI: VPI can now support non-alphabet filenames.
• VPI: Fixed PHP8.2 deprecated warning. (Ryan D)
• ESI: Fixed ESI nonce showing only HTML comment issue. (Giorgos K.)
• [Bugfix] Page Optimize: Fixed a fatal PHP error caused by the WHM plugin's Mass Enable for services not in use. (Michael)
• [Bugfix] Network: Fix in-memory options for multisites. (Tynan #588)
• Network: Correct `Disable All Features` link for Multisite.
• [Bugfix] Image Optimize: Removing original image will also remove optimized images.
• Image Optimize: Increased time limit for pull process.
• Image Optimize: Last pull time and cron tag now included in optimization summary.
• Image Optimize: Fixed Elementors Slideshow unusal background images. (Ryan D)
• [Bugfix] Database Optimize: Fix an issue where cleaning post revisions would fail while cleaning postmeta. (Tynan #596)
• Crawler: Added status updates to CLI. (Lars)
• 3rd: WPML product category purge for WooCommerce. (Tynan #577)

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