1. J

    Layout Bug After Changing Page Optimisation

    I asked someone to fix the CLS issue on the site and it worked but after the changes the 1st few seconds of loading the website looks buggy(see attached screenshot). He changed some Page Optimisation in Litespeed and switched the preset from advanced to agressive. When changing back, this issue...
  2. K

    Enabling LiteSpeed Guest Optimization got PageSpeed Insight performance Error

    When I enable the Guest Optimization I always got a PageSpeed Insight performance Error. But when it's disabled, I got a low score. I want to enable this just like on my other websites to have a high score in performance but I think, there is a bug on the plugin after WordPress 6.2 is...
  3. H

    Problems with webvisor Yandex metrics.

    Good afternoon, my name is Alexander. CMS - Wordpress. After the guest mode option is enabled in your plugin, errors appear in the Yandex.metrics webvisor. The browsed site starts to twinkle. Pictures are downloaded endlessly. Watch the scrin. "[LiteSpeed] Start Lazy Load Images {reload...
  4. lclarke

    LSCache v5.3.3 for WordPress Now Available

    Announcing: LSCache for WordPress v5.3.3 RELEASE LOG: - Page Optimize Excluded Jetpack stats JS. - DB Optimize Fixed DB Optm SQL for revision postmeta. - Cache Fixed an undefined array key warning. - Purge Prevented undefined array key warning when widgets are disabled. - Object Fixed dynamic...
  5. Z

    Can we setup WordPress Brute Force Attack Protection on directadmin?

    Hi guys, I was read this manual about Brute Force Protection: https://docs.litespeedtech.com/lsws/cp/cpanel/wp-protect/ can we implement it on directadmin? thanks.
  6. lclarke

    LSCache v5.3.2 for WordPress Now Available

    Announcing: LSCache for WordPress v5.3.2 RELEASE LOG: * **Object** Fixed object cache lib incr, decr functions (thanks bdrbros/DANIEL) #516 * **Database Optimize** Database optimizer now handles postmeta when cleaning revisions #515 * **Cache** Made nocache the default for 4xx/5xx response...
  7. A

    High I/O usage on Litespeed Sites

    Hi. I have a shared hosting that has 5 WordPress websites, and they are using Litespeed cache WordPress plugin. But due to high I/O usage, I am getting fault errors on my websites. The max I/O speed is 1024 KB/s (I don't know if this is a good speed limit, let me know please). I contacted my...
  8. I

    LS Cache for WP - Purge Revisions - Create Postmeta Orphans

    I've posted this issue on the WP LSCache plugin support forum, but the LSCache support person does not seem to understand the WP revision db table structure. Revisions are maintained in 2 tables: - posts, which contains the "header" info for a revision - postmeta, which contains various detail...
  9. lclarke

    LSCache v5.3.1 for WordPress Now Available

    Announcing: LSCache for WordPress v5.3.1 In this release: new API and CLI features, bug fixes, and more! RELEASE LOG: [CLI] Presets feature is now usable from the CLI. (xLukii) [CLI] Added 'import_remote' for litespeed-option to enable importing options from URLs. (xLukii) [Cache] Added...
  10. D

    Adsense Code is Unreadable when LS cashe is activated

    Hi Hello, I launched the website LiteSpeed cache. Adsense auto ads code is not detectable. If I deactivate the LS cache and activate WP Super Cache Plugin, the problem is resolved. Which specific configuration should I check to resolve this problem using the LS cache plugin? here is site url...
  11. S

    prevent caching for logged-in wordpress users without plugin

    Hi I use asset clean up and Wprocket to speed up Wordpress and cache pages. I do not want to use Litespeed cache plugin but I am interested in using litespeed server-side caching . I use htaccess method to cache pages using litespeed but my problem is that I am unable to prevent showing cached...
  12. M

    All products dissapear and reappear

    Hello. I have an issue where I am involved WPML support. They now suggest I involve you too. The issue is that, by random, all products disappear from my shop. I have found out that changing the theme back and forth makes the products appear in the shop again. I had WPML support...
  13. B

    LiteSpeed Cache WordPress REST API

    Hi, My question is specific to the LiteSpeed WordPress plugin and its use of the REST API. Specifically, in order to perform image optimization, LiteSpeed seems to require wide open access. I prefer to limit access to the API to logged-in users or admins only (where possible). Are there any...
  14. C

    Images woocommerce product page not loading

    I have a weird issue with lightspeed. It loads the images on my product page but then they disappear. I have been looking into this and noticed that the lightspeed plugin caused this issue. By not caching that page the problem is solved. But it is not a real solution as the product page loads...
  15. lclarke

    LSCache v5.2.1 for WordPress Now Available

    Announcing: LSCache for WordPress v5.2.1 This release consists of bug fixes and more. RELEASE LOG: - [BUG] Core: Fixed a fatal error in uninstallation progress. (#894556 Hostinger) - Dash: Dashboard now shows partner info for QUIC.cloud domains on a Partner tier. - UCSS: Auto purge the UCSS...
  16. lclarke

    LSCache v5.2 for WordPress Now Available

    Announcing: LSCache for WordPress v5.2 This release consists of bug fixes and more. RELEASE LOG: - [NEW] UCSS: Added UCSS message queue to improve service quality and reliability - [BUG] VPI: Fixed conflict w/ image lazyload; used HTML before image lazyload to avoid invalid data:base64...
  17. lclarke

    LSCache v5.1 for WordPress Now Available

    Announcing: LSCache for WordPress v5.1 In this release: New debug log options, and more! RELEASE LOG: - [NEW] Toolbox: Debug log can now show Purge/Crawler logs as well. (Tynan) - UCSS: Prepared for future message queue. - UCSS: Moved UCSS class to its own file. - 3rd: Added 3rd-party support...
  18. lclarke

    LSCache v5.0.1 for WordPress Now Available

    Announcing: LSCache for WordPress v5.0.1 This release consists of bug fixes and more. RELEASE LOG: - [BUG] Cloud: Fixed a potential PHP error that could occur with the cloud service summary. (Bruno Cantuaria) - 3rd: Added Autoptimize back to compatibility list...
  19. lclarke

    LSCache v5.0.0.1 for WordPress Now Available

    Announcing: LSCache for WordPress v5.0.0.1 RELEASE LOG: - [HOTFIX] Cloud: Fixed an issue with the cloud request timestamp update which causes a usage sync failure. (Great thanks to Kevin) https://wordpress.org/plugins/litespeed-cache/ Cheers!
  20. lclarke

    LSCache v5.0 for WordPress Now Available

    Announcing: LSCache for WordPress v5.0 In this release: New Viewport Images service, Automatic CDN Setup, bug fixes, and more! RELEASE LOG: -[NEW] VPI: Added Viewport Images feature to LiteSpeed Options metabox on Post Edit page. -[NEW] CDN: Added Auto CDN Setup feature for simple QUIC.cloud...