All products dissapear and reappear


I have an issue where I am involved WPML support. They now suggest I involve you too.

The issue is that, by random, all products disappear from my shop.

I have found out that changing the theme back and forth makes the products appear in the shop again.

I had WPML support investigate this. While installing a plugin - the products appeared again. So, all it took was to install a random plugin to fix the issue.
Still, we do not know what is causing this, and it happens from time to time. Today it happened three times.

I observed that products in german was visible while it was gone in the main language.

They suggested involving you in this.
Here is a link to the support thread in WPML.

Here is the affected page:

See attached screenshot how it looks like when the products are missing.



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I'm not sure if I understand your problem correctly, but it could be because LScache doesn't know the WPML plugin, or there are too many language plugins and an individual cache setting has to be made for each plugin. However, this setting, which is necessary for language plugins, must be made in the .htaccess. Please put the following code on top of your .htaccess, purge the cache, activate the cache and check if it works.

Apache config:
RewritRule .* - [E=Cache-Vary:wp-wpml_current_language]
If it doesn't work then please contact cache plugin support at Wordpress as this forum does not provide support for WP Cache plugin.
Thank you for your answer. I do not think it helped. I did notice that after I implemented the code, products disappeared again. Could it have anything with the .htaceess to do? Anyway, I will head to WP forum as you suggested.