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    Excluding WooCommerce session from the cache?

    Hello, I am trying to understand if I need to exclude "_wc_session_ " from Memcached. I am building a WooCommerce store, and I have installed LiteSpeed caching plugin, LiteSpeed Memcache (LSMCD) Object Cache and Quic Cloud CDN on my site. When I read these 2 articles...
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    WooCommerce - Stripe - Problems with LS 6.1?

    I've tried to update to various beta releases of LS6.1, as well as the official, but each time in the ensuing days we get reports from users of the inability to checkout on our WooCommerce store, the Stripe credit card section, which runs JS code to help prevent fraud/etc, becomes "dimmed out"...
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    WooCommerce cache recommended settings

    Hello, Could you give me any recommendations on the cache plugin settings for a WooCommerce site, please? I mean, what settings are vital especially for Woo to work nice & fast? Just trying to avoid silly issues. In fact, I'm using Divi theme with WooCommerce. Hope this gives you some more...
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    All products dissapear and reappear

    Hello. I have an issue where I am involved WPML support. They now suggest I involve you too. The issue is that, by random, all products disappear from my shop. I have found out that changing the theme back and forth makes the products appear in the shop again. I had WPML support...
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    Subtotal price and product count in elementor's header cart-menu won't sync

    Hi, the problem I'm facing with is that the Subtotal price elementor's header cart-menu won't sync, after adding product to a cart. You can see it on the screenshot below. But after switching to another subpage, for example on shop, the product count and subtotal price in the header will be 0...
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    Images woocommerce product page not loading

    I have a weird issue with lightspeed. It loads the images on my product page but then they disappear. I have been looking into this and noticed that the lightspeed plugin caused this issue. By not caching that page the problem is solved. But it is not a real solution as the product page loads...
  7. L

    Woocommerce notices issue

    Hi, I have changed the color of the Woocommerce notices but the changes is only visible on the live site if Litespeec cache plugin is deactivated. How can I solve this?
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    LiteSpeed Enterprise with Woocommerce Performance very Bad

    Hello we use Woocommerce in all our 10 Onlineshops. We have more as 10k Products Single and Variable Products. Test to Open the Store https://xfunshop.com the first side Load Quick but when you click on a Product then it need very very very long more as 40 Secunds or Server Timeout. What did we...
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    Issue with Cart Total (on Home page)

    WordPress/Woocommerce site Noticed that the items in the basket and cart total on the Home page (top right hand side) is not updating when items are in the basket. The items in the cart and the cart total at the top right hand corner of the page shows as Items in basket: 0 Total : £0.00 on the...
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    [Solved] CSS combine breaking cart page even after excluding all CSS files

    Hello, My website has a funny behaviour, If I set CSS combine ON, the woocommerce cart page breaks, trying to follow the instructions on how to fix problem caused by the optimization, I made a list of CSS files and I added them all to the CSS excludes field and I still get the problem. So...
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    Woocommerce litespeed fatal error issue

    Does anyone have any advice on how I can solve the following problem. I am running litespeed on my wordpress/woocommerce store, latest versions of both WP and WC with the most up to date version of litespeed. I am running a plugin which alters the shopping cart (YITH Woocommerce Deposits and...