WooCommerce - Stripe - Problems with LS 6.1?

I've tried to update to various beta releases of LS6.1, as well as the official, but each time in the ensuing days we get reports from users of the inability to checkout on our WooCommerce store, the Stripe credit card section, which runs JS code to help prevent fraud/etc, becomes "dimmed out" and never comes back for them to enter their information. Rollilng back to the latest LS6.0 resolves the problem. We are also running LSCache if that matters, but again, it works with LS6.0, just not LS6.1.

Any thoughts on what I could look for to track this down and fix it?
It is cache related that only affects v6.1? Not doubting you, it may be the cache, just getting clarification. It does work with 6.0 series fine with no change in settings. I thought (maybe foolishly) that if it were cache settings it would affect all versions. By the way, we had followed all published (that I could find) setting recommendations for LSCache for WooCommerce/Wordpress.
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