LSCache for WordPress v2.4.3 Now Available

Discussion in 'News' started by lclarke, Aug 27, 2018.

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  1. lclarke

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    LSCache for WordPress v2.4.3 was released today.

    In this release: Improvements to lazy load, bug fixes, and more!

    Full release log:
    [NEW] Media Ability to inline image lazyload JS library. (@Music47ell)
    [IMPROVEMENT] Media Deleting images will now clear related optimization file & info too.
    [IMPROVEMENT] Media Non-image postfix data will now be bypassed before sending image optimization request.
    [BUGFIX] CDN CDN URL will no longer be replaced during admin ajax call. (@pankaj)
    [BUGFIX] CLI WPCLI can now save options without incorrectly clearing textarea items. (@Shon)
    [GUI] Moved Settings above Manage on the main menu.

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