LSCache for WordPress v2.9 Now Available

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LSCache for WordPress v2.9 is now available.

In this release: improvements to image optimization, critical CSS, and reponsive placeholders, bug fixes, and more!

* [NEW]Media: Lazy Load Image Classname Excludes. (@thinkmedia)
* [NEW]: New EU/AS cloud servers for faster image optimization handling.
* [NEW]: New EU/AS cloud servers for faster CCSS generation.
* [NEW]: New EU/AS cloud servers for faster responsive placeholder generation.
* [NEW]Conf: Ability to set single options via link.
* [NEW]Cache: Ability to add custom TTLs to Force Cache URIs.
* Purge: Added post type to Purge tags.
* Purge: Redefined CCSS page types.
* Core: Using Exception for .htaccess R/W.
* IAPI: New cloud servers added. Please whitelist the new [IAPI IP List](
* Optm: Trimm BOM when detecting if the page is HTML.
* GUI: Added PageSpeed Score comparison into promotion banner.
* GUI: Refactored promotion banner logic.
* GUI: Removed page optimized comment when ESI Silence is requested.
* GUI: WHM transient changed to option instead of transient when storing.
* GUI: Appending more descriptions to CDN filetype setting.
* IAPI: Removed duplicate messages.
* IAPI: Removed taken_failed/client_pull(duplicated) status.
* Debug: Environment report no longer generates hash for validation.
* 3rd: Non-cacheable pages no longer punch ESI holes for Divi compatibility.
* [BUGFIX]Network: Added slashes for mobile rules when activating plugin.
* [BUGFIX]CCSS: Eliminated a PHP notice when appending CCSS.

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