LSCache & Joomla Modules


Does LSCache respect the "No caching" option in the advanced settings of a Joomla module? If not, is there a way to exclude specific modules from being cached?

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Hi Unique_Eric ,

Ok, I'm having a weird issue when rendering our custom modules used for Ad delivery as ESI modules. They basically create a 404 error, see screenshot.

I'm trying to prevent LSCache from caching these modules due to the ads changing automatically based on specific dates.

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Correct, if I convert the modules to ESI and set them to no cache, I get what you see in the screen shot. Here's the link to the site, but I had to render the modules as regular to fix the site:

One other thing I found, with ESI enabled for the login, users were getting 404 errors on all the links, including forgot password & forgot username.

We use sh404sef for our SEF URLs, not sure if that's a factor or not.


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First, the cache keep showing a `miss` from header which means page did not serve from cache. Did you set following rules to the .htaccess file?
<IfModule LiteSpeed>
    CacheLookup on
More info:

Those ads are external resources, not sure why it can be cached. Did you see it's not updating after cache set to enable?

If you confirm sh404sef has compatibility issue with lscache, please submit a ticket to with reproduce steps. Our developer will check from there.