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Does anyone have experience with the Mediawiki plugin? I've found two sites (via Wikiapiary) that seem to be using it successfully, and am trying to add a third to that list with a staging site for a wiki I hope to bring live to a new server. Currently, we depend on Varnish+Nginx for the wiki, and performance is quite good... but I thought it could be better, and since we need to move servers soon anyways, I thought I'd get a head start and test some things.

But despite trying to follow instructions, I seem incapable of getting the Mediawiki plugin to work for my site in real-world application. Somehow -- and I don't know how -- the LS Cache Check is returning hits... but I can't actually get it to do so when browsing, and I don't know why at all. Are there obvious steps I should follow to try and figure out the disparity between them? I've gone through documentation and nothing leaps out at me.

FWIW, I use Incognito mode to clear any cookies and so on when testing.



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I've just installed MediaWiki and LScache extension on LiteSpeed Enterprise (not OLS) and it works as expected, so you should ask OLS support (again) what is wrong with your OLS installtion.

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