1. B

    Mediawiki Plugin Woes

    Does anyone have experience with the Mediawiki plugin? I've found two sites (via Wikiapiary) that seem to be using it successfully, and am trying to add a third to that list with a staging site for a wiki I hope to bring live to a new server. Currently, we depend on Varnish+Nginx for the wiki...
  2. A

    LiteSpeed is causing issues on my website.

    Hello! I have a website, and I decided to install LiteSpeed to improve its speed. Every time I activate the plugin, the appearance of the pages becomes very poor, and everything is disorganized. When I deactivate the plugin, everything returns to normal, and it looks good again. I tried other...
  3. lclarke

    LiteSpeed Plugin v2.3 for DirectAdmin Now Available

    Announcing: LiteSpeed Plugin for DirectAdmin v2.3 RELEASE LOG: [Update] Add new "Set your web server to LiteSpeed" landing page. [Improvement] Update cache manager scan logic. [Improvement] Add new non click-able states to "WebAdmin Console" and "Restart LiteSpeed" buttons. [Improvement]...
  4. lclarke

    LiteSpeed Plugin v1.4.15 for Plesk Now Available

    Announcing: LiteSpeed Plugin for Plesk v1.4.15 RELEASE LOG: [Update] Add 'aarch64' as a supported Linux architecture. [Improvement] Update cache manager scan logic. [Improvement] Support custom Shared Code Library update failure messages. [Misc] Fix a few minor typos...
  5. E

    SOLVED | SMTP Configuration | Proudly powered by litespeed web server please be advised that litespeed technologies inc. is not a we hosting company"

    Hi everyone, I've try to setup my wordpress website's SMTP settings with Post SMTP plugin. After I start the setup wizard, I've entered the mail adress I would like to send mail as, I've seen an error message like : "Proudly powered by litespeed web server please be advised that litespeed...
  6. T

    Headers & Foots Vanished Since WordPress Update Due To LiteSpeed

    Since the most recent WordPress update the headers and footers across the site have vanished and only popped back up when I deactivated the LiteSpeed Wordpress Plugin. I assume this means that the plugin needs to be updated for the newest version of WP. Anyone know when that'll be as right now I...
  7. C

    Litespeed plugin for wordpress rendering mobile version on desktop and sometimes desktop on mobile

    Hi, I have been having issues on the subject above, and after I uninstalled the plugin, it went back to normal, I read it has to do with .htaccess. How could we resolve this, because my site is really slow.
  8. S

    Frontend Upload Image And Slow Website Problem In Wordpress While using Bimber Theme and Litespeed Plugin.

    Hello Dear Friends, I'm using Bimber Wordpress Theme. It is a front upload editor base website. All users can submit their post, list, quiz and etc. Im using also Snax plugin for fornt end upload system. I have a problem since I have been using this theme. My serves is in Turhost. My Server...
  9. N

    cant send image anymore (WP plugin)

    Hello after level 5 reached, and pulled 54848 images (which is only 3% of progress) wordpress plugin cant send any images to optimize server: This will send the optimization request and the images to LiteSpeed's Image Optimization Server. You can send at most 7 images at once. when click on...
  10. WebHostPro

    Couple quick questions about Litespeed and cPanel

    1. When adding Litespeed php72-php-litespeed to PHP via the Easy Apache in WHM does that also add the Apache version or is this just for something in PHP, or does need to be there for the Apache Litespeed to work with PHP? 2. How do you install just the plugin for WHM, the page only has a...
  11. M

    Use both the CDN KeyCDN and the Cloudflare via LSCWP for WP plugin?

    Hi, Is it possible to use both the CDN KeyCDN and the Cloudflare at the same time via LSCWP for WP plugin? Thanks in advance for the support.
  12. M

    LSCWP for WP plugin - Cloudflare Automatic Cache Management.

    Hi, I use LSCWP for WP plugin, and use Cloudflare with the WP plugin provided by Cloudflare. I would like to use Cloudflare directly via LSCWP for WP plugin and the only question I have for you is the following. The official plugin developed by Cloudflare for WP offers this function...
  13. R


    Hello good day.. I'm boarding to set up the CDN zone in wordpress plugin. for the KEYCDN Genrenic CDN. You can give me the steps to be able to configure correctly. and not have to use another plugin to cache. I have tried several ways and I do not know how to do it. You can give me the...
  14. J

    JCH & LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for Joomla

    Currently on a new site I'm building using Joomla, JCH Optimize Pro and the LiteSpeed Cache Plugin, If I clear the JCH or Joomla System cache, the website breaks unless I manually clear the litespeed cache. site: It says 404 errors in the console: Failed to load...
  15. B

    I'm not sure caching logged in users is working

    Hello. I'm a complete Litespeed novice, but have had some assistance from my server team setting it all up and I have to say, my rather bulky Wordpress website is running like lightning (using litespeed cache v2.0 on Wordpress 4.8.5 The problems however start when users login to the site. We...
  16. C

    [Resolved] ERROR 6000: Notice

    Hi, I just had Litespeed installed yesterday along with LS Cache. Everything supposedly went fine, I can see the installation on the WHM manager and my host says it's all good. BUT, after installing the LiteSpeed Cache plugin I see the error message below on its settings page within WordPress...