Opcache + Memcache on cPanel server

Discussion in 'PHP' started by bloom360, Apr 11, 2017.

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    First of all, I have already searched on the forums but couldn't find the specific answer to this, hence I am asking...

    I have a dedicated server running cPanel / Easy Apache 4 and LS with suExec and a good chunk of free RAM. How should I enable Opcache on PHP 7? Should i just enable it on Easy Apache and Litespeed will follow? Or do I need to do something different?

    Likewise, how should i enable Memcache under the same environment?

    Many thanks
  2. Pong

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    You can easily install opcache on easy apache 4, the same way as doing for apache.
    or from command line:
    yum install ea-php70-php-opcache
    yum install ea-php71-php-opcache
    Most likely cpanel has not provided php-memcache extension yet. You can double check with cpanel support.
  3. bloom360

    bloom360 Active Member

    Thanks. But to confirm, doing that on Easy Apache will work seamlessly with Litespeed? I don't have to do anything further on LS?
    How could I enable Memcache on LS without affecting or breaking Easy Apache or god knows what else?

    Many thanks
  4. Pong

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    As I said, you 'd better check with Cpanel to see how they support Memcache through EA4 multi-php
    If you have cloudlinux installed, you can enable php-memcached through CL PHP Selector.

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