Pages cached, but not retain

I'm with joomla 3.10.11
Litespeed Plugin v1.5.1
php 7.4.33

All is setup as intended, and works almost as expected, default expires is 60 minutes for both homepage and public cache.
So here is the problem :
First load of a page, ok page is now in cache.
Second load or refresh, ok we got a x-litespeed-cache hit
But despite of page x-litespeed-cache hit after a first load, the cached page is not retain for 60 minutes at all, but for a far shorter time.

So it kills all the cache benefits, does someone have this issue too ? Any advice welcome.

I've also set the log in the plugin to "info" I would like to know where's the Listspeed log is tored ?

edit: seems related to Missing Headers

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Once the cache has been created, there are only 1 or 2 reasons why the URLs are no longer in the cache:

1.) The cache was deleted using PURGE.
2.) The cache files in the /lscache directory have been deleted.

If you state that the cache is purged before the TTL expires, please check whether you are logged in after all. Either delete your cookies or use a different browser to check the cache status. There is no premature expiration of the cache! For your information, when you are logged in, the cache is no longer public, but private and has a very short TTL and this TTL is not identical to the cache expiry time that you entered in the settings.

Did you enable the setting 'Generate LSCache Header before Render '?