PHP suEXEC Max Conn: 10

I dont get the point according to the documentations about max conn limit. On the one side you write that the limit is given by the cpu-license (i have a 2-cpu-lic, so 5/lic --> my limit is 10), and on the other side you write in the docu: "PHP suEXEC Max Connections can be customized/overridden at vhost/account level with the “LSPHP_Workers” directive in an Apache configuration file"
So what is true? Can I adjust this limit to a higher value or am i limited to 10?
And under what circumstences is it concrete advisable to highen this limit? (in the docu are higher limits about 40 or even 100 for heavy load sites) - how can i determine a good value?
Thank you

Jon K

Staff member
Hello Johannes,
You can change this value and it will allow for more PHP connections to happen. Depending on your server setup you can set this number to whatever you want. If this is a shared hosting server I'd recommend a low value like 10-30. Mind you this will be multiplied by the #CPU license you have. If this is a shared server I would recommend changing it on a per vhost basis.

You can find more out here: