Prevent Block Caching

I have a block on my magento site called Amasty_Finder_Block_Form. It filters products by specified attributes. With LiteMage enabled I'm unable to change the values once Ive made the initial selection until I flush teh LiteMage cache. I therefore assume that I need to turn of caching for this block. Ive had a fiddle with config.xml and added
but all this seems to do is prevent the display of the block. Can you point me in the right direction please
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such blocks are not cached friendly. Such blocks always have to pull information from backend. It might be possible to exclude it but you will need to make template code change and it could be time-consuming, Not suggest to use such function since it will slow down the page load speed. If the function is critical to your site, you can consider our paid support for LiteMage :