There is a way to cache all sites?

Hi everyone, I've a very simple question: there is a way to cache all sites when I installed the LiteSpeed Cache App on each Wordpress? If I understood correctly, cache is been made when someone visit the site and click on the links... but If I want to force cache in all accounts, so it wouldn't needed this visiting step? Thank you!


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I guess what you means is to crawler your site so that when real visitor visit the site and it is cached already.
Yes, you can setup crawler on your LSCWP.
I've set it up, but I don't know were is it storaged. I've forgot to setup the location, since I did for one host only. There is a way to identify it?


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The crawler fetches XML sitemap file and parse it. If parsed every URL will be requested with cURL. This is the same request as if you request an URL in browser, so the answer to your question is: YES