litespeed cache

  1. R

    LiteSpeed Cache with MySQL usage

    Hello, I use LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress on most of my sites, but although there is some caching being done by the litespeed cache plugin + litespeed server, I notice database queries, litespeed cache would not have to avoid? How does Litespeed cache actually work and how does it cache? Why...
  2. R

    Website on mobile device loads first with desktop view when LiteSpeed Cache is enabled.

    Hello, I am using Opencart, Journal 3 theme and have added LiteSpeed Cache to speed up website. When LiteSpeed Cache is enabled, when I visit website on mobile device, website first shows with desktop view instead of mobile view. When refresh website, it switches to mobile view. This...
  3. S

    LSC Cache is being cleared regularly - no idea how...

    Hi We took over a website for a client. They have a number of plugins on there in WordPress, one of which is a plugin to udpate the Stock on products, via WP Import All Pro. Our hosts are running a crawl and it caches the site. But then at regular internals something happens, products are...
  4. A

    LiteSpeed Cache causing issues on website

    Hello! I have a website build with Wordpress, and I decided to install LiteSpeed to improve its speed. Every time I activate the plugin, the appearance of the pages becomes very poor, and everything is disorganized. When I deactivate the plugin, everything returns to normal, and it looks good...
  5. I

    Google Search Console Error

    Hi everyone, I'm having trouble connecting my WordPress website's Google Search Console to Google Tag Manager. When I try to connect, I get an error message that says 'The Google Tag Manager snippet on your site is in the wrong location on the page.' I've checked and the snippet is correctly...
  6. G

    Video's not showing on website

    Hi, I have an issue where my videos are not showing on the live website, they're there on the back end but on the front end they won't show when I have Litespeed Cache activated. Thank you for your time.
  7. A

    Subtotal price and product count in elementor's header cart-menu won't sync

    Hi, the problem I'm facing with is that the Subtotal price elementor's header cart-menu won't sync, after adding product to a cart. You can see it on the screenshot below. But after switching to another subpage, for example on shop, the product count and subtotal price in the header will be 0...
  8. B

    Homepage of the website is not working properly

    After installing and configuring the LiteSpeed cache plugin on my WordPress site, the Homepage of the site is not working properly. It is showing some unstructured content only on Homepage. I am not able to find the issue, please help.
  9. Z

    How to Fix CSS/JS Issue LiteSpeed Cache

    I'm having CSS/JS issues on my WP theme if I enable Litespeed cache the problem is: Menu cannot be accessed via mobile Litespeed settings I have for CSS/JS CSS settings Pict JS settings Pict i tried to add this line, the site works without problem
  10. W

    Bug with LiteSpeed Cache in Zox News Theme

    Basically, when I enable the LiteSpeed Cache it speeds up the pages but creates an error for anyone not logged in I have attached a video sent to me by my tech guy so you can see it, and if there is someone who can help me fix this I would appreciate it because I have had to disable Litespeed...
  11. E

    Wordpess litespeed cache and quic

    Hello everyone, my wordpress site Akustik panel Litespeed quic as images and CSS files but I'm trying to optimize what are the most appropriate settings into one another I've searched but I didn't have a clear knowledge about what should be done.
  12. A

    Reduce initial server response time is so high

    Hi, The first time page took so many time to load as when I checked the speed test tool it shows the TTFB is high. Please check the attached screenshots and please let me know is there any solution to fix the speed issue. Thanks,
  13. T

    Domain is inaccessible, please verify!

    Hi there, I have previously set up Litespeed WordPress config with AWS and had these issues, however, I don't seem to be able to get the domain to be encrypted this time. It is a new domain ( and I have linked it with Route 53 like previous, but I keep coming up against...
  14. A

    litespeed cache causing search engines to display older content in results

    hello,i am using litepeed for my woocommerce website.when i search my website in google it shows just another wordpress site and some old content in search result,i have indexed my website with google search console still shows the same result.Then i tried clearing the cache and purged all the...
  15. R

    LSMCD activated short time, after 30 mins Connection Test will be failed.(In LSCWP)

    Hi there, I tried to use LSMCD for the object cache. But it something wrong that after 30 mins Connection Test will be failed. Here is the step list what I did. 1. Use CyberPanel then install OpenLiteSpeed for webpage server. 2. While install OpenLiteSpeed , also install Memcached Extension...
  16. G

    Simple ajax chat wp plugin cache problem

    I have a frustrating problem with simple ajax chat wordpress plugin. When am trying to create a page with a livechat shorcode and i also need to use cache. But when i enable cache the ajax live function of the chat does not work. Does anyone has any suggestions? i use lightspeeed cache with...
  17. S

    domain key error

    Hey, I installed the Litespeed chache plugin and when I tried to apply for domain key it is showing the following error: There is a problem receiving your domain key. Please click the Waiting for Approval button to retry. There are two reasons why we might not be able to communicate with your...
  18. serpent_driver

    LiteSpeed LScache for phpbb2.x and phpbb3.x [available]

    After many hours of hard work I proudly present LScache for phpBBx extension (simplified). Features - no extension; only .htaccess must be changed - 2 different versions - compatible with phpbb2.x and phpbb3.x - Cache available for not logged in users - Tag based cache control to set different...
  19. C

    How to disable / exclude Caching for a specific .php file?

    As the title says how can I disable / exclude a .php file from being cached by LS? When I use a caching plugin such as Hummingbird, all I have to do is add the following line to the top of the .php file in order to exclude it from cache: "define('DONOTCACHEPAGE', true);" Thanks in advance!
  20. V

    There is a way to cache all sites?

    Hi everyone, I've a very simple question: there is a way to cache all sites when I installed the LiteSpeed Cache App on each Wordpress? If I understood correctly, cache is been made when someone visit the site and click on the links... but If I want to force cache in all accounts, so it wouldn't...