What about builds?

Hello, I remember with version 5 that a big news was build numbers.
Today this service is not available (but it was): Maybe a changelog for every build is too much (but it's a standard in software today); at least I need to know if I'm aligned with the build.
I read every day about user asking "I'm already on 5.0.x", or "the problem is fixed, do an upgrade". Ok but I've no control: I can't know what is changed build by build, if there is a new problem I can't go back to other builds because I don't know the number.

Please, I'm bagging, try our side: It's really difficult to manage a server if we don't know the software running on it.


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Especially if you have control panel (like the aforementioned Cyberpanel) that runs it, then you can install and manage sites, DBs and even updates and a firewall.

You can also create 'packages' (different amount of RAM and storage), as well as client logins for specific websites and assign them to a specific website

I don't use their paid services, probably never will, but Cyberpanel have an agency solution that gives you wordpress management, monitoring, and backup (separate from Litespeed costs).

Though again, if you're using a backup plugin like Updraft, that will be as good or better than Cyberpanel's offering as it's so mature.
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