Installing cPanel on LiteSpeed WordPress (GCP)

I am trying to set up a WordPress installation using a cPanel backup provided by a third party who can offer zero support.

I have tried a few installations of various sorts, but there has always been one problem or another. So I decided to create a LiteSpeed WordPress installation from Google Cloud Marketplace.

I have absolutely no idea if cPanel is part of this installation, the documentation is pretty unclear. It does talk about cPanel in an entire section, but I can't made head nor tail of it.

Does it include cPanel? If so, how to I access it? If not, how do I install it?

I tried the cPanel instructions to install it manually in the shell, but the installer complains that is does not support Ubuntu 22.

What options do I have? All I want to do is restore the WordPress installation from this cPanel backup!
If you're using a LiteSpeed WordPress installation from Google Cloud Marketplace, cPanel is not typically included. You can try using the LiteSpeed WordPress dashboard or a WordPress backup plugin to restore your site from the cPanel backup. Alternatively, consult the installation's documentation or seek support for specific instructions in your environment.