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LiteSpeed Web ADC Users' Manual - Context


A Context is a set of resources that can be located using URLs with a common parent URL. The common parent URL is the ID of the context. A web site is comprised of contexts, for example, "/" is the root Context mapped to the document root of a web site; "/cgi-bin/" is the context dedicated to CGI applications. If you think of your website as a URL tree, then every branch is a context which can be identified by the URL of the branching node. A context should be explicitly defined for the following purposes:
  • To use another cluster other than the default one.
  • To redirect requests to another location.

Table of Contents

Context Attributes

Context Type

Context Type


The type of context created determines it's usage.

The Redirect context is used to set up an internal or external redirect URI.
The Load Balancer context is used to assign a different cluster for that context.