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LiteSpeed Web ADC (LSLB) is an affordable, high-performance layer 7 HTTP smart load-balancer application. LiteSpeed Web ADC is feature-rich, secure, and efficient, offering more flexibility than similarly-priced load balancing software. This makes it an excellent choice for small enterprises looking to scale their applications beyond one server — both to improve service speed as well as reliability in case of hardware failure.

  • Supports QUIC, HTTP/2, TLSv1.3, and TCP_FASTOPEN
  • HTTP/1.1, HTTP/1.0 backward compatible
  • Supports HTTP, LiteSpeed SAPI, FastCGI and AJPv13 back ends
  • Load balance algorithms: round-robin, least load, least session
  • High Availability IP failover
  • Cross-data-center replication
  • Directing request based on domain names, request URL, Cookie, SSL Session, etc.
  • Content aware: route request based on request content
  • Dynamic response compression/decompression (gzip)
  • Gzip compression with backend HTTP Server
  • Automatic HTTP protocol upgrade/downgrade to maintain persistent connection with backend servers
  • Massive shared hosting: load balance to millions of websites
  • Web app acceleration via LSCache with ESI
  • URL rewrite
  • SSL acceleration
  • Geotargeting support
  • IPv6 support
  • Layer 7 anti-DDoS filtering
  • Web Application Firewall (HTTP firewall), filter attacking requests based on request content
  • Chroot for enhanced security
  • Backend server health monitoring
  • Web administration console
  • Online upgrade to keep your server up-to-date
  • Simplified deployment via ZeroConf