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LiteSpeed Load Balancer (LSLB) is a high performance, content aware, session aware HTTP application load balancer, which can forward request based on request content as well as session stickiness preference. LiteSpeed Load Balancer can help scaling your application beyond one server deployment as well as improving reliability of your service in case of hardware failures.

  • HTTP/1.1, HTTP/1.0 backward compatible.
  • Supports HTTP, LiteSpeed SAPI, FastCGI and AJPv13 back ends
  • Load balance algorithms: round-robin, least load, least session
  • Session affiliation with fail-over
  • Directing request based on domain names, request URL, Cookie, SSL Session, etc.
  • Content aware: route request based on request content
  • Dynamic response compression/decompression (gzip)
  • Gzip compression with backend HTTP Server
  • Automatic HTTP protocol upgrade/downgrade to maintain persistent connection with backend servers
  • Massive shared hosting: load balance to millions of websites
  • URL rewrite
  • SSL acceleration
  • Geotargeting support
  • IPv6 support
  • Anti-(D)DoS attacks capability
  • Web Application Firewall (HTTP firewall), filter attacking requests based on request content
  • Chroot for enhanced security
  • Backend server health monitoring
  • Web administration console
  • Online upgrade to keep your server up-to-date